Action Direct


At Action Direct Physiotherapy, we take a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the cause of your problem not just the symptoms.

We focus on manual therapy as the foundation of our services, adopting a Hands-On approach.

Our fully-informed client policy means your therapist will explain the treatments they plan to use, and answer any questions / concerns you may have about your treatment & rehabilitation.

This gives you the opportunity to make an informed choice about which treatments you do or don't want - You call the shots!

Our sports medicine therapies focus on performance optimization, injury prevention, and accelerated rehabilitation leading to improved over-all performance, reduced potential for injury, and lightning-fast recoveries.

Sports injuries

We’re experts in sports Injuries, using an effective combination of manual therapy techniques such as stretching, mobilisation, and manipulation, and traditional physiotherapy techniques such as heat therapy and traction. For example in back and neck care, we treat holistically using heat therapy, stretching and manipulation to relieve pain and to promote and restore proper function.

We use mobilisation to restore flexibility and function to the affected area and related systems, so, for example, in the case of an knee sprain we would treat the foot, knee, hip and possibly lower back as well as the knee itself!!

Post Surgery

After surgery or serious medical issues, we work with people of all ages to restore sensation and function through a variety of techniques, including sensory stimulation, (touch and balance) and traditional physiotherapy.

This includes work with sufferers of strokes, neurological disorders and spinal injuries. We aid with knee and hip replacement rehabilitation, and with arthritis patients we optimise the functional use in the affected joints, through restoring mobility and increasing stability.

Workplace Injury

Every year industrial and workplace accidents cost the New Zealand economy over 3 and a half billion dollars … with thousands of people adversely affected. It’s in everyone’s interest to facilitate the speedy recovery and return to work of injury sufferers.

We aim to optimise health by restoring full, correct function to dysfunctional systems.. with a hands on approach to tears, sprains, back and neck injuries and other issues. As with all our treatments, patients have all procedures fully explained to them , and every question and concern will be addressed.

Remember we are ACC accredited, and no Doctors referral is necessary to seek treatment with us.