Action Direct


We often have people tell us we’ve changed their life and that they’ve tried other methods and none have been as successful as our hands on approach.

Rather than us tell you, here are a selection of our happy clients, whom we now call friends.

It was a pleasure to hear "I told you so!" when I walked out of Action Direct.

I first went in 2011 when I could hardly walk, let alone get into a car & get a lift to see them. I live north of Albany, I just wish I'd been to see them sooner!

The best part of my first treatment was that I walked out! And with a few more treatments I was back enjoying life, even taking hikes in the bush again.

I'm back this year, 2012, with an ankle that is pinned & plated. It've had 2 surgerys in 6 months & after one treatment I managed to walk again. So now I have heard "I told you so!" twice.

I also bring the kids along, because they're "Family Friendly". Action Direct, keep doing what you're doing!

Thankyou so much,

Lee Davies
North Auckland

In building you either have a "builder", a "master bulider", or a "master craftsman".

After being to many different people to get my back and neck fixed, I have never had such immediate and wonderful relief from these previously debilitating and ongoing structural problems.

At Action Direct, they are definitely "master craftsmen" in their trade.

Glen Curd

Action Direct has provided for me a most expert and exempolary service to enable me full and rapid recovery from the injury from which I have suffered.

The feed-back and diagnosis of the cause of my injury has been first rate and I would have no hesitation based on the service I have recieved in recommending Action Direct as a first port of call for anyone looking for the right physiotherapist.

Nicholas Dawson

I have suffered a lingering pain in my right ankle and leg which affected my mobility to the extent where I had extreme difficulty walking.

Visits to other physiotherapists did very little to alleviate my trauma, however recently a friend recommended that I visit Action Direct Physiotherapy, so I made an appointment.

Over a few treatments, the application of professional expertise, knowledge and excellent therapeutic techniques have greatly healed me, and given me immense relief from several months of agony.

Today, I am not only walking with renewed vigour, I am also back to playing squash – and in great form too!

I highly recommend Action Direct Physiotherapy to anyone who is suffering physical ailments, or injuries from sport or other activities. Even if others have been unable to help, I urge you to call and make an appointment. It will be the best call you will ever make - as it was for me.

Sue Marsters,

Throughout the years I have endured a lot of physical pain and discomfort from historical injuries to my back, neck and shoulders which never lessened with time. My back always felt like a block of ice, with no movement. Relevant checks on my back then revealed that the top five vertebrae had fused together, triggering further pain.

Numerous referrals to accupuncturists, chiropractors, and other physiotherapists brought me no relief, so in essence I gave up on a solution and learned to live with the discomfort and pain.

That was the case until earlier this year, when my wife (Sue Marsters)** recommended that I visit Action Direct Physiotherapy. The expert care I recieved has released me from near on a lifetime of pain for which I am eternally grateful!

The professional treatments they provided, and the education about various at-home exercises I recieved from Action Direct have brought me great relief – and all with no use of medication.

They have given me a new lease of life! Freedom from the pain that was ever present in my life has allowed me to participate in a variety of activities without restriction.

To anyone who is seeking relief, I highly recommend a visit to Action Direct Physiotherapy. Give them a call and make an appointment. Like me, you will wish you had gone to see them sooner.

Peter Marsters,